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Emaurie Pelt

Adult Division

Hi. I'm Emaurie Pelt.  Skokie Idol was something I wanted to do for the longest time.  I really love performing.  Music has really been there for me  in times when family and friends weren’t.  It was my therapy, my high, and helps me navigate through life.  It’s very personal to me, which is why I look vulnerable when I’m singing my songs.  I am currently working on recording my first EP, and volunteer as a mentor for kids my community.  By listening, you are entering my world, so “welcome.”

1) Redo Song


I'm Here

by Brenda Russell


This song from The Color Purple sums up how I feel when I’m at my low point.  I sang this at the auditions, but not in front the judges or the audience, so I’d like to share it now.


2) Judge's Choice


Seasons of Love

by Jonathan Larson


I love to sing, and I love to perform, and I have pushed through many hardships to do it. This is why I think the judges picked this song from RENT for me.

3) R.B.S.B.F.



by Beyoncé, Henry Krieger, Scott Cutler, and Anne Preven


I picked this song not just for me, but for George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor and everyone who’s going through police brutality.  Everywhere I turn, it hurts that black people have to be afraid of taking a simple jog outside, and this song speaks to me of overcoming that fear.

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