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Christine Naber

Adult Division

I'm originally from the east side of Michigan but now reside in Lincoln Park. Growing up, I was never  involved in choirs or musical groups (I loved American Idol, Glee, and everything of the sort, but was always an audience member). It wasn't until college that discovered I was above average at karaoke and could carry a tune. I like to think I got this talent from my grandmother, Beverly, who was in choirs throughout her life. As she started to age, music was one of the few things that would always lift her spirit. When she passed in 2017, I sang a song at her wake to honor her passion for music. Afterwards,  my family encouraged me to try voice lessons. My voice teacher, Jackie, thought Skokie Idol would be a good opportunity to challenge myself vocally and learn performance technique. I'm so grateful for all I've experienced in the competition thus far!

1) Redo Song



by Kasey Musgraves


Originally, I sang this song for Country Week because I knew it really well and felt confident that I wouldn't screw it up. This time, I applied the judges feedback by focusing more on feeling the emotion behind the lyrics and telling a story with my voice.

2) Judge's Choice


Tears in Heaven

by Eric Clapton


I believe the judges chose this for me because it sits comfortably in my vocal range and has a bluesy vibe to it. It's also a slightly repetitive and lyrically simple song so I think they wanted to see how I could add my own twist to it.

3) R.B.S.B.F.


Bridge Over Troubled Water

by Paul Simon


I chose Bridge Over Troubled Water because I think it is a moving, timeless song and I wanted to see what I could do with it emotionally. Although I'm familiar with the Simon & Garfunkel version, I was inspired by a version I heard from an artist named Victory Boyd, whose acoustic spin on the song made me connect with the lyrics much more. Tears in Heaven and Rainbow set a deep, meaningful mood and allowed me to build to a place of power and belting within Bridge Over Troubled Water.

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