Sean Masterson's


Magic Matinee


Wednesday, Dec 27

1:30 pm


Tickets: $13

Magic Matinee is a theatrical magic show that combines sleight-of-hand illusions with skilled storytelling to create an experience that is both amazing and entertaining.


Sean astonishes his audiences with deft manipulations, a mind reading puppet and objects that float right out of a spectator’s hands.

Magic Matinee is a highly visual magic show that appeals to a multi-generational audience and includes much participation.


"He’s a fine close-up magician, a warm performer, and it’s hard to figure out how he does what he does." - Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune


"Chicago's most thought provoking wizard.” - Penelope Mesic, Northshore Magazine


“In a world of serial stings and contagious fraud it's a joy to see deception you can

believe in.” - Lawrence Bommer, The Chicago Reader


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